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The following is a brand new (July, 2015) remake of a Java mortgage calculator I wrote! It's once again the best mortgage calculator I've seen on the World Wide Web.

This is where my Java applet would appear. To view this applet you need to have a Java Virtual Machine installed, and Java must be enabled in your browser settings. I recommend using the Firefox browser; Internet Explorer can also be used to view this applet.

You can download Sun's most recent Java Virtual Machine here: http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp.

Google Chrome no longer supports NPAPI, which is required for plugins such as Java, Silverlight, and Facebook Video, so again I recommend using Firefox. There are workarounds though to using Java in Chrome, such as those suggested by this page: http://techhelpkb.com/how-to-enable-java-in-google-chrome-45/

Microsoft Edge, the browser introduced with Windows 10, will not run Java applets. Internet Explorer however will still run Java.