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The following is a July, 2015 remake of a Java mortgage calculator I wrote in 1999. It's once again the best mortgage calculator I've seen on the World Wide Web. NOTE: Since chances are most likely you will not be able to run the Java applet, a new, responsive web designed port from Java to HTML 5 and JavaScript, built with a mobile-first approach, is coming soon.

This is where my Java applet would appear. To view this applet you need to have a Java Virtual Machine installed, and Java must be enabled in your browser settings. Also, you will likely have to add https://www.mandelmania.net/otherjava.html to the site exception list in the Java control panel. Java applets do not now run in most browsers, but Java applets can still be viewed with Internet Explorer.

You can download Sun's most recent Java Virtual Machine here: http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox no longer supports NPAPI, (except Firefox with Flash,) which is required for plugins such as Java, Silverlight, and Facebook Video. There are workarounds though to using Java in Chrome, such as those suggested by this page: http://techhelpkb.com/how-to-enable-java-in-google-chrome-45/

Microsoft Edge, the browser introduced with Windows 10, will not run Java applets. Internet Explorer however will still run Java.