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Mandelmania v2
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This is a 3D animation I made using 3ds Max. It incorporates some of my 2D fractal animations, and has a grid of spheres following a 3D wave formula.

Mandelmania Version 2.0:  Click on the thumbnail on the right to see my video, (which requires a broadband connection and Adobe Flash 8 or higher to play,) of flying into the Mandelbrot set. Improvements over version 1.0 include smoother video, as well as antialiasing via supersampling in some of the zoom sequences.

Mandelmania v2
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Tangerine Dream song "Firetongues" © 1994 appears courtesy of TDI.  View Mandelmania Version 1.0 by clicking on the thumbnail on the right. Also, an even older version of the video can be downloaded here (requires an Xvid or DivX compatible decoder):  right-click and select "save as" (size = 22MB). 

Below are three high resolution prints that I am offering for sale, as well as a collection of free wallpaper.  Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

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Print 1, 24" x 19", $75
Print 2, 28" x 22", $125
Print 3, 24" x 19", $75


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