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These are the applications, libraries, operating systems, and training websites that I used in making the web site and all its related materials:

Adobe DreamWeaver Adobe Flash
Adobe ImageReady Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro Autodesk Alias Maya and 3ds Max
Borland C++ Borland JBuilder
CorelDRAW Corel Photo-Paint
Creative WaveStudio Eclipse IDE
Embarcadero RAD Studio gcc the GNU C/C++ compiler
GWT Google Web Toolkit libtiff a TIFF image library
Mesa 3D, an OpenGL-like 3D graphics API Microsoft Office
Microsoft Visual Studio Notepad++
Microsoft Windows QuickMan Extremely fast fractal generator
Red Hat Linux Sun Java
Udacity Responsive Web Design Fundamentals UltraEdit text editor

June 12, 2016

"A Promise"
by Jot Scripts
on From the Notebook of Joshua

I fell through a glass coffee table, landing on almost an entire bed of glass, lengthwise right through it. I have a small scar from it. It's a miracle I'm alive, because if one of those shards had hit me at just the wrong angle it could've severed an artery. My buddy had seen this happen, which was shortly after he had made a song called "Promises," and there were some eerie conincidences with the lyrics: "A promise is something I won't say and let it shatter into pieces and cause you pain... you will never be made of glass so they're never gonna form any cracks and break." The song is on his first album, Jot Scripts From the Notebook of Joshua, which has since been released, and is available here on Amazon and also on iTunes. We had been talking about the importance of keeping your word and not swearing (see Matthew 5:33-37 and 3 Nephi 12:33-37).

The palettes Chromatic, Lava, Neon, and Royal in the Mandelmania applet were created by Todd Hedenstrom, D. Egnor, D. Egnor, and D. Egnor, respectively. The Plantlike and Metallic palettes were taken from the QuickMan source code (see link at left).

This site was inspired in part by artofgregmartin.com and ultraedit.com.

Glory to Godand my many thanks to Him. I also thank my family, for their support, as well as my friends.

Of special note is Udacity's free course Responsive Web Design Fundamentals by Google. Next up: the follow-up course, Responsive Images by Google.

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Ian Calegory is a software developer who has been programming computers since the age of eight.  He has used these languages and APIs:

CUDA parallel architecture; C#/C/C++; STL and Boost; WPF; Java including JDBC, GUI: AWT & Swing, JNI, JSP, and servlet; OpenGL/GLUT; PHP; Objective C; Assembler; SQL; HTML; XML; JavaScript; Pascal; ForTran; and BASIC.

If you would like to contact him about a possible collaboration, e-mail him here: E-mail Address.


Feedback?  Send comments to E-mail Address